I'm a guy and I'll never badmouth my wife
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"My wife is just such a pain in the ass!" he said, as we were changing in the gym locker room.

"You know how it is..." he finished.

Blankly, I stared at him, cocking my head sideways like a befuddled mastiff.

"No. I really don't," I replied.

As I finished dressing myself and walked out, you could hear a pin drop. The gentlemen had certainly never heard, nor ever expected to hear, a response like that from "one of the guys" for as long as he'd live.

I think that's sad. Also, he needs to do some squats.

When men get together, they moan about their wives. The commentary provided on marriage between groups of men, is typically one from a viewpoint that assumes marriage to be life's greatest, most unfun mistake. Not only is it often as disingenuous as Joe Biden's hairline, but it's incredibly harmful.

Firstly, there may be some people out there who actually believe their wife to merely be the "old ball and chain." To you I say...

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